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Duke & Dolly Give A Paws Up Approval to Planet Friendly Chippin Dog Food #ad

We order online ALOT, especially since moving to 40 acres on a mountainside. After receiving numerous boxes of our own online purchases, our dogs Duke & Dolly were quite delighted to have their own special treats from Chippin come in the mail. Chippin is developing dog foods from superfood proteins including crickets, overpopulated silver carp and […]

Kit of the Month Crafts with Annie’s

Need a creative outlet? I was so inspired by the monthly kits available from Annie’s that I signed up for Annie’s Holiday Quilters Club. I still need to create these clever hot pads and now the next kit just arrived. There is always a common fear related to signing up for a monthly club – […]

Toy Robots Help Kids Learn STEM Skills

Despite the fact that we moved to the farm and are appreciating the simpler things in life, I still love to share STEM related technologically advanced toys that help kids learn. Even our farm couldn’t run well without the technology we have installed here (more on this to come). With one daughter a biological & […]


Gifts That Keep Giving

#Giving Tuesday is over but that doesn’t mean to stop giving. You can give money, pack a box, knit a scarf for a homeless person or simply get rid of your old stuff and take it to your local Goodwill. At the beginning of the month, I started cleaning out Fall things and bringing out […]

Social Media Stats for 2013

I love great infographics and here are two about the state of social media in 2013. Enjoy! Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.     by jorobot. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

5 Mobile Marketing Tools to Reach Busy Consumers

With 80 percent of customers using their mobile device to shop, a marketing strategy that does not account for mobile is foolish at best and self-sabotaging at worst. More customers comparison shop online, make retail purchases and use their mobile device to review businesses. These decisions affect their brick and mortar shopping habits and follow […]


Week 2 of #CampDreamWorks is underway!

By now, your kids should be having tons of virtual and in-the-real awesome fun with Camp DreamWorks celebrity packed home activities. And, when I say celebrity, you know who I am talking about – the kids’ faves: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Toothless, Boss Baby and many more. In case you missed last week’s start, feel […]

GIFTED Movie is a MUST SEE for the whole family!

The whole family will enjoy GIFTED, a movie about a special young girl Mary, played by the very talented Mckenna Grace. Her uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans) wants her to have a normal life, unlike his sister whose life as a genius drove her to suicide, leaving the child prodigy for Frank to raise. This arrangement doesn’t suit the […]


SO TOTALLY thrilled to announce that FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is in theaters August 12! I am so excited to see this movie. Love the historical element of this story and the excellent cast. Some of my faves! First, I am heading over to Fandango to see if I can get some tickets online and see where […]